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Welcome to D.L.'s Workshop

If you have a serious interest in:
Servicing or Moving
a quality billiard or pool table, I may be your guy!

I say “I may be your guy” because with a lifetime of verifiable hands-on experience perfecting every nuance of wood, slate, rubber, and fabric playing surfaces, cabinetry, and accessories, I only take on projects from clients that require and appreciate superior craftsmanship. 


Over the last 30 years I have personally created, restored, and/or customized thousands of quality tables and countless related cabinets for those who are flat out billiard enthusiasts.  In addition we also serve those who own, or manage, billiard rooms in the most exclusive facilities, businesses, organizations, and personal residences in the country: including the Pittsburgh History and Landmarks Society, the exclusive Duquesne Club, Professional Athletes, Hollywood Production Companies, professional players such as Okinawa Slim, and many people like yourself that just want high quality of work done and done correctly.


I am equally enthusiastic to assist those looking to purchase the perfect new or pre-owned table for their individual situation, a matching piece of cabinetry, or a cue stick for their game.  Whatever the type, style, or size, we have the experience and sources to help find it at a price reflective of its quality.


When it comes to the cost of a project, it’s all about the amount of work to be done, the materials needed, and the time frame desired for completion.


If you have a sincere interest in discussing your project, take a few pictures of your piece as it now sits and any examples of a finished look you have in mind, then contact me via this site or phone to arrange a time to go over your project in the detail it deserves.   


I'm looking forward to speaking with you!




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