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Brunswick Restoration:

The Duquesne Club, Pittsburgh, PA

This here is a Brunswick table that was at the Duquesne Club in Pittsburgh, PA.  We were contracted by them to update their tables to fit the room they were remodeling.  These tables were custom built by Brunswick for the Duquesne Club in the 1920s.  They elected to apply new molding details and change the legs.  We repaired the tables and finished them in the color they desired to match the updated room.


Brunswick Saratoga

Saunier-Wilhem Co.

This table was redone for Saunier-Wilhem Co. for them to resell it.  It was manufactured under patents from 1892 to 1905.  A fairly simple but elegant design that has a beauty all its own and would fit into almost any setting.


Brunswick O. G. Novelty

We used two before pictures to show you the damage to the table from being in a damp basement with water running through in heavy rains.  This table was restored to original appearance, including repairing and veneering the legs. It was originally built in the early 1900's. 

Brunswick 6-Leg Richelieu

Upper St. Clair Volunteer Fire Dept.

This table was restored for the Upper St. Clair Volunteer Fire Department after years of neglect and sitting between the fire trucks. . This table was built under patents from 1895 thru 1912. As you can see, it is a very well built and crafted piece with some beautiful inlay work. The restored table now sits in the new station where it has the proper room it so rightly deserves.

Brunswick Saratoga

Private Home, Ohio

This is similar to the Brunswick Saratogo table above, but is crafted in quarter sawn oak instead of mahogany.  It was manufactured under patents from 1892 to 1905.  This was a customer's table that was picked up, restored, then installed in their home in Ohio.


Private Home, Cape Cod, MA

This family-owned Brunswick table was restored to its original grandeur then transported and installed in the son's home in Cape Cod, MA.  It still has all the original thumb screws for the rail converting system used by Brunswick. In a separate box was a complete set of Carmon rails. These rails were kept in the original box that we found them in and delivered with the table for his use. 

Brunswick Baby Grand

Private Home, Pittsburgh, PA

This table was built in the early 1900's.  The patent design was awarded on May 7, 1912 and was still found in their catalog in 1916.  It is made of mahogany with an inlay design and rich finish.  The cue rack and accessory drawer keeps everything you need close at hand. This table is one that has been in the same family for three generations here in Pittsburgh, PA.  We have restored it to give them many more years of enjoyment!

Isaac Taylor Restoration

This table is in our shop getting restored to our standards. As you can see, it is going to be a beautiful table that some lucky person will get to own. They just don't make pieces like this one anymore. If you want more information on it, feel free to contact us.

Anniversary Edition

This anniversary addition was in used condition.  It weathered some damage to the wood of the rails, body, and legs due to age and play. Repairing normal wear and tear was the first step in our restoration process.  We take the table apart piece by piece, carefully removing and repairing any faulty parts in structure and hardware. After stripping the wood and applying a new finish, we then polish the metal along with installing new bumper cushions for a new and crisp play of the table.  Some tables such as this one take a finer touch of detail work.  The pinstripes on the rail aprons were applied with care and precision to maintain the original aesthetics.

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