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Brunswick Marquette Limited Edition Pool Table

Brunswick Marquette Limited Edition Pool Table

$36,000.00 Regular Price
$20,000.00Sale Price

Brunswick “Marquette” Limited Edition Pool Table #31 out of 160 ft edition. Purchased for original price of $36,000.


We are proud to offer the Marquette Billiard Table by Brunswick — #31 in a series of 160 collector billiard tables. This table (#31) is currently the lowest production number still available.  This heirloom table has never been used. 



  • Centennial Player's Kit
  • Centennial Cloth
  • Delivery & Assembly within our local area, addition charges could apply for travel.


*If being shipped, packaging is included but freight will be at cost as an additional charge to you.


Model after the Marquette, 4 leg model — 1912 to 1916 Constructed of Circassian Walnut with inlays of black holly and pearl.



  • Made of a beautifully finished Circassia Walnut wood
  • Wood is inlaid with an egg shell, hand-rubbed gloss (obtained from a combination of black holly and pearl)
  • Framework is a combination between various woods — double cross veneered on the outside 
  • The framework is a sturdy composite construction combining several iron reinforcing blocks, held in place by heavy bolt
  • The head blocks and sides are built directly into the legs of the table
  • The joints are glued together, as they are also tongued, grooved and firmly fastened together by screws
  • The cushion rails are extremely resilient (4 inches x 2 inches thick)
  • Ivory diamond sights and an inlaid metal name plate
  • The rigidity and stability of the table is also guaranteed by the 8 bolts found on each side, the 4 bolts located at each end of the table
  • The slate is superior quality Vermont slate (3 pieces) 
  • The slate is arranged to not influence the game play in any way 
  • The cushions are made by Brunswick, using a secret formula patented by the company
  • The pockets come in a No. 5 style and are made out of iron and leather
  • The pockets are connected to the cushion rails via brass sockets
  • The black leather covers of the pockets are reinforced at the point of contact, so you can enjoy their elegant look for an extended period of time
  • This Brunswick limited edition 8ft pool table has a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer 
  • Each table comes with its own number




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