Duquesne Club

Duquesne Club


We have 3 of these tables that were in the Duquesne Club here in Pittsburgh.  They were custom built by Brunswick in the 20’s.  There were a total of six originally.  The Club went down to two after a remodel.  One was sold and restored for one of their members and installed in their home, two were redone to the Club specifications and installed after the remodel was complete in a new area. Which leaves us with, 1-9’ Pool Table (pictured), 1-10' Carmon table, and 1-10’ Pocket Table that was converted into a Snooker Table.  The Snooker Table could be installed as such or changed back to a pool table at an additional charge.   Price will be discussed when you chose a table for purchase out of the list.

D.L. Schwarz

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