St. Bernard Mission

St. Bernard Mission


This St. Bernard Mission, has been conservatively restored keeping 90% of all the orginial wood or verneer with the repairs being blended into the orginial wood on the table, as per our mission statement on how we restore tables.  This table does have the 1.5 inch slate option on it when it was orginially purchased.  This table can be delivered and install at your location, additional charges maybe applied, or ship to your location for shipping and handling fees.  This table was restored for a customer and he can no longer can take delivery of it much to his dissapointment.  He had the family heirloom restored and it would not fit into his daughter’s home.  He is now force to part with the table and is asking fair market price of $15000.00.  We can not directly do anything about the price but resable offers would be past on the the gentleman.

D.L. Schwarz

Master Billiard Restoration

P.O. Box 6011

Pittsburgh, PA 15211

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