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Museum-Style Restoration

All of our restoration work is done in a manner that leaves the appearance of no work having been done at all. I call this antiquing approach… Museum Style Restoration. During the restoration process, I leave the appropriate imperfections in the wood which maintains the majesty of its life. A restoration, or custom creation, that is left to show the signs of use and wear are marks of distinction and character that has developed over a hundred or more years of use. They are what separate my work from that of just a refinisher or handyman; this is why I am known as a restorer of antiques.


If, however, you like your furniture to have modern crisp clean lines, flat surfaces, and an unscarred flawless look, I can do that as well.  That being said, you might as well just purchase a new table or piece of furniture.  The whole idea of my Museum Style Restoration Approach is to bring the character of a time-gone-by into today’s plastic and vinyl world. 


No matter the style, or materials, the restoration, repair, or creation of a quality project necessitates good work never being good enough.


Every project is a collaboration between you, the client, and me, the craftsman. And every project will be completed to not only your specifications, but to my level of craftsmanship as well, or it does not leave the shop…


… That is my guarantee.

Ways and Means

To accomplish authentic restorations, you must use the kind of tools that were used to create the original table or piece and you must possess, the know-how, and experience to use them.


I use everything from an old-time glue pot cooker, to my hand forged wood chisels, to authentic hand drills and sanders, to a Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machine and every tool in between. 


Next, I do my best work to salvage the existing materials. When that is not possible, I search out the materials that not only match the appropriate type of wood, but also its grain and patterns. This part of the restoration is both a labor of experience and a work of art.


The final tool, if you will, necessary to complete each project are my years of experience over which I have honed my craft.

About D.L. Schwarz

As a Master Cabinet Maker and Billiard Table Craftsman, I specialize in the restoration of pool tables, but I also do cabinet and fine works in wood, restorations, and creations as well.


Above all else… I enjoy the artistry involved in working in the Old World German style of craftsmanship on tables, cabinets, and fine woodworking. I have worked on just about every style of table utilizing all kinds of materials.


My journey continued at Saunier-Wilhelm, a long-standing Billiard Company in Pittsburgh, where I first used my craftsmanship and my woodworking skills in restoring Pool Tables.  It was there I learned the finer points and subtle nuances of the construction of billiard tables and that of the Billiard Industry from Jim Wilhem.  Jim was a longstanding member of the Billiard Congress of America (BCA), serving as its president twice, and I was honored to call him my mentor and friend.


After working at Saunier-Wilhelm for 10 years, I opened my own company in 2000 doing what I love the most, restoring and customizing billiard and pool tables and accompanying pieces of furniture and accessories!


Since that time, I have worked exclusively in the billiard and pool table industry on all makes, models, and styles from every manufacturer in the industry today and on those antique pieces from years gone by.


I am a certified installer of Brunswick, American Heritage, American Heirloom, Connelly, Peter Vitalie, and Saunier Wilhelm.


At the end of the day, my life’s work can best be described as a love for the smell and look of old wood and leather, and the sound a ball makes coming off a rail and falling into a side pocket… I have left the rest to someone else.

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